Preparing Yourself for Piano Practice

Published: 19th August 2009
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Even the most skilled pianists have days when the thought of piano practice is the furthest thing from their minds. Changing your attitude is all that you need to do to start effective piano practice; it is important to stop convincing yourself that doing something you love is effectively 'work'.

Why do you play the piano? Is it because you want to make your life harder or because you adore that feeling when the music is flowing through your fingertips? Is it because you love music and you want to do that special piece justice as your fingers glide across the keys?

The fundamentals of piano practice may seem daunting but in order to fulfill your love of all things musical you will need to practice. If you were able to look at any piece of music and play it perfectly without pause how would that make you feel about practicing?

Think instead of being an Olympic-grade swimmer with a strong conviction that you stand a chance of winning your race. Surely that would give you the inspiration that you would need to dive into that water each morning.

It's important to stop blaming yourself for those days when you hit a brick wall when you practice piano; every note doesn't have to be perfect every time. What's more if people are talking you down stop listening to them because you can be sure they don't care as much about it as you do.

The most important thing is that you are eager to play the best that you possibly can. But without starting how can you improve? Start by playing that first note and keep going. Every journey begins with a single step and you know what? It doesn't matter if you trip on that first step, because from that trip you will have learnt something.

Take some time to consider your instrument. You have the power to produce a sound just as a potter moulds clay. You can produce the most melodic and beautiful notes with the gentlest stroke, or create a woodenly 'thud' with a sharp poke.

It's time to get out of the mindset of playing 'on' the piano. The piano needs to become an extension to your fingertips; one that will take time to learn to adjust to. An artificial leg can't instantly be walked on, the person needs to practice with it until eventually it is as if it were his own leg. In the same way you must practice the piano until it as effective as any limb on your own body.

There isn't a musician alive that doesn't long for their instrument to act as an extension of their own body. Their instrument is a tool for expression; it is how they display their deep desire to gratify a particular piece of music. When you step toward your own instrument of choice, the piano, stop considering how to play a piece of music and start to think how to shape it into something beautiful; how to bring out the best of that instrument.

A piece of music is not intended to be played exactly the same way twice. If you listen closely you will hear that different artists vary the same piece dramatically differently. See for yourself in your own piano practice if you are able to play the same piece in exactly the same way twice.

Consider this piano practice routine as you start your daily practice; sit quietly, ensure there are no distractions and start to hear the music that you want to play in your head. Start to imagine it flowing through you, its rhythm, its movement. You are the instrument to the tune coursing through your body; let it fill your musician's soul and start to take shape.

The moment you feel stirred by the music is the moment you should place your fingers upon the keys to prepare for the best piano practice you've experienced. By changing the focus of your practice you will have altered what was a dreary daytime routine into a living and breathing source of inspiration and entertainment.

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